Viral videos and e-books: Nova launched at Australian Academy of Science

The Australian Academy of Science’s beautiful new science engagement website, Nova, was officially launched during National Science Week.

Nova also celebrated National Science Week by launching its first e-book, ‘The Greenhouse Effect’, which is available free now on iTunes.

Nova was one of the first science education websites to be created when it was first established in 1997. Now, with support from Telstra, Nova has been given a major face-lift for its coming of age.

It was launched at a VIP event at the Australian Museum in Sydney by Nova champion Professor Emma Johnston, the Voice of Nova Sharon Bulkeley, Academy President Professor Andrew Holmes, and Telstra Chairman Catherine Livingstone.


Professor Emma Johnston launches Nova


Guests at Australian Academy of Science Nova launch in August 2015

Nova features a range of science topics presented in an accessible way to suit a range of learning styles. Topics are created by specialist science communicators and digital producers and reviewed by top Australian scientists, and cover everything from dark energy to cosmetics, car crashes to climate change.

Two videos created especially for Nova have already gone viral, with more than 1.7 million views: watch them to learn more about the disappearance of bees, and about dark energy and dark matter.