NYSF Annual Report 2013

NYSF’s Annual Report 2013 is now available to view online.

2014 NYSF selections announced

Selections of students to attend the 2014 January NYSF Sessions held in Canberra or Perth have been finalised.

1300 applications were received this year

1300 applications were received this year, from 21 Rotary Districts across Australia. 735 females and 528 males applied, with ten of these being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. 144 students will attend each session, with ten international students coming to the Canberra Sessions. Two Indigenous students will attend the Perth Session, supported by NYSF Partner, CSL Limited.

NYSF letters offering students a place in the January programs have now been issued by the corporate team in Canberra, and students are taking up their task of entering information into the NYSF database via the website portal.

Orientation sessions for the NYSF program began in Canberra early in September, and are rolling out across the country until mid October. Students are advised to contact their Rotary District Chair if they are unable to make their orientation session. The preferred option is to attend another District’s orientation, however if this is not possible, arrangements can be made for an individual briefing, but only as a last resort.

A key task for students at this stage is to draft a trial job application to be used during the Sessions draft a trial job application to be used during the Sessions in the job interview component of the program. Information on this is held in the student’s online account within the NYSF website.

Picture this … calling all NYSF Alumni and Staffies

Calling Staffies from NYSF in 1999 … are you in this picture?


What about this one of staff from 1996, with Rotary colleagues?


This just a small selection of photos that we are collating to coincide with our thirtieth anniversary this year.

Have you any pics from your time with NYSF that you would like to share?

We’re collecting photos for an exhibition we will mount at the 2014 sessions. And we’d like your snaps too. So if you’ve got them sitting in a box in the back of a cupboard, take a quiet moment to dig them out and have a look. We’d love to see them and add them to our collection. Further information contact Amanda Caldwell.